Donya Ashnaei

Donya Ashnaei


Donya Ashnaei joined Barsalou Lawson Rheault in 2022. She is currently pursuing a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in Economics at the University of Toronto. Donya previously completed her Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics and Public Policy at the University of Ottawa, where she received the Faculty Plaque for the highest academic standing in her program. During her undergraduate degree, Donya worked in the Canadian House of Commons, assisting Members of Parliament in various capacities.

Throughout her studies, Donya has assumed several leadership positions, including Student Representative for the University of Toronto’s Students Law Society and President of the Tax Law Society. Donya also serves as a Senior Editor for the University of Toronto’s peer-reviewed Journal of Law and Equality and assists with research for the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights.



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