Johanne D'Auray

Johanne D'Auray

Of Counsel

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The Honourable Johanne D’Auray has recently joined Barsalou Lawson Rheault LLP, after having served over 11 years as judge of the Tax Court of Canada (October 2010 to April 2022).

Johanne uses her experience and expertise in tax law to advise the firm’s clientele in preventing and resolving tax disputes. In line with the firm’s philosophy, she aims to avoid litigation where possible. In cases where litigation is unavoidable, she assists clients and counsel in preparing their litigation strategy so as to maximize chances of success.

Before being appointed as a judge of the Tax Court, Johanne had a long successful career within the Department of Justice and the Department of Finance. She began as a tax litigator at the Department of Justice, and then became the Director of the Ottawa Tax Section. In 2005, she was named Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Tax Law Portfolio. In that capacity, she was responsible for tax and GST litigation on a national basis, which required her to manage tax cases involving the Canada Revenue Agency including those dealing with transfer pricing, GAAR, SR&ED and financial services. She also advised the Commissioner on legal issues affecting the Agency. In 2010, she was named Assistant Deputy Minister, Central Agencies Portfolio and Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance.



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