Julien Tremblay Gravel

Julien Tremblay Gravel



Julien is currently in Quebec Bar School, having completed his B.C.L./J.D. at McGill University in 2019. Prior to entering law school, Julien completed a B.Sc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology and an M.Sc. in Experimental Surgery, both from McGill University. His Masters research focused on the use of stem cells in regenerative therapies.

During his legal studies, Julien worked in the legal department of a large multinational engineering company in Luxembourg as well as in the IP and tax practice of a top Luxembourgish law firm. He also conducted research in tax, health, and administrative law alongside numerous McGill law professors. Finally, he was a member of the McGill team at the 2019 Jessup public international law moot competition, where the team placed second overall for memorials in the Canadian rounds.



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